Replicating the Blade Runner Theme

Although I am a bit late to the party, the arrival of the new Blade Runner movie inspired me to try to replicate the title music from the original 1982 Blade Runner using Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio. As most of you synth aficionados already know, the Blade Runner soundtrack was composed by Vangelis using the beastly-yet-expressive Yamaha CS-80. The Pro Studio version of Mixcraft just so happens to come bundled with the ME80 VST instrument, which very nicely models the sound of the Yamaha CS-80.

It turns out that I was able to replicate a good deal of the instruments in the main title music using only VST plugins that are included with Mixcraft, so I made a tutorial video showing how it’s done:

Of course, the techniques I use in the video aren’t just limited to imitating existing music, but can be used to create your own Blade Runner style tunes as well. Here is a little track I wrote a few years back attempting to recreate that iconic sound:

Hopefully some of you fellow synth-heads will find this tutorial to be useful. I will soon be posting an update to my previous article, “Using SoundFonts in 2016”. Spoiler: there is some really good news on the SoundFont front. Stay tuned 🙂